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Nafa Nuksan

Daily Business Newspaper

What We Are

  1. Only Business Newspaper published from Jaipur and circulated all over Rajasthan covering major cities and towns.
  2. Published daily.
  3. More than 2.7 Lakh Readers.
  4. Readership include only Higher income range readers who are either decision-makers or have purchasing power.


  • To give regular update to our readers about business and economic scenario and keep our readers informed in advance about happenings of future.


  • Jai Singh Kothari
    Managing Director
    Jai Singh Kothari, Founder and Managing Director of Nafa Nuksan started his carrer in print media in the year 1975 with Rajasthan Patrika. In the year 1985 he started writing a weekly column every Monday on stock market forecast in Patrika which became the guideline to lakhs of investors in Rajasthan. Kothari served patrika in many areas and took leave from his responsibilities as Director in the year 2004.

    In the year 1991, when the globalization policies were implemented in India, he started tracking the developments along with the implications to the local businesses. This process evolved the idea of a Business Newspaper in HINDI, which came into existence in the year 1996 as Nafa Nuksan. Nafa Nuksan was started as a weekly tabloid newspaper and currently it is a broadsheet Business Daily publishing from Jaipur and reaches all over Rajasthan.

    In the year 2002, kothari wrote “Vyaparik Mandi Ka Mukabla Kaise Karen” and in 2003 he wrote another book “Agami Ek Dashak?”. These books became guideline to Hindi reading business community of business scenario in future.

    Kothari regularly delivers his vast and indepth knowledge as a keynote speaker in programs organized by various Business Organizations, Trade Bodies, Educational Institutes, Conferences and Seminars, Radio and TV programs.

Concept Behind NAFA NUKSAN

  • Behind Nafa Nuksan, is the person who is a renowned economic analyst and also Managing Director of Nafa Nuksan. Mr. Jai Singh Kothari (Ex-Director, Rajasthan Patrika) has done in depth research and analysis of economic reform program and globalization in India and other countries and came to the conclusion that this era of reform brings economic uncertainty along with other things. He believes that new profession like Business Journalism and Financial Management emerge during this period of economic disequilibrium. Keeping this as a base, on 1st April 1996, he started a weekly tabloid Nafa Nuksan, which has got good response from Hindi reading business community. Nafa Nuksan regularly increased frequency to twice in a week than thrice in a week and as a complete BUSINESS DAILY from April 2007. Kothari is also author of two books namely “Vyaparik Mandi Ka Mukabla Kaise Karen” and “Agami Ek Dashak” which are the only guide available to Hindi reading business community.

Subject We Cover

  • Nafa Nuksan covers a broad range of issues from the one everyone is talking about to those no one had spotted yet - including regular update on economy, share market, automobiles, information technology, investment related information, health care, fast moving consumer goods, commodity market and other national and international activities.
    1. Automobile
    2. Commodity & Derivatives
    3. Information Technology
    4. Telecom
    5. Stock Market
    6. Fashion & Trends
    7. Real Estate
    8. National & International Economy
    1. Society
    2. Legal
    3. Insurance
    4. Banking
    5. Mutual Fund
    6. Market Trends
    7. Education & Career
    8. Textile
    9. Media, Brands & Advertising

Reader Class

  • Today everyone can feel the impact of global happenings on their businesses. Anyone who is a businessman, student, trader, professional, employer or employee needs to be updated and informed about what is happening around and what else can happen in future, which may affect their business. To find out all this, Nafa Nuksan is a must read for aspiring leaders/managers and businessman everywhere.






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